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Enhance your pet's stay at Unleashed on 42 with our additional services for boarding and daycare bookings. We offer a range of enhancements that can be added to your booking to make your pet's experience even more enjoyable. Whether it's extra playtime, a cozy bedtime story, or a pampering spa session, we have options to suit every pet's needs. Simply add these services directly through your online booking, and if you encounter any difficulties, our friendly team is always here to assist you.

Give your pet the ultimate stay at Unleashed on 42 with our enhanced services.

Birthday Party - $50

  • 1 Happy Birthday Cookie (Bosco and Roxy’s) on us! ($6.25 value)
  • 3 Peanut Butter Cups to share with friends! (additional cups can be purchased by owner is applicable)
  • A Happy Birthday shout out on our social media pages
  • A Happy Birthday hat
  • A Picture of your pet on our front desk with a shoutout the day of their birthday
  • A painting done by the birthday pup for owners to take home!
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**(All owners will be alerted prior to the cookies being given for dietary and allergy restrictions)

Spa Enhancements:

  • Full bath, blow-dry & brushing                        +$40-$85
  • Rinse & Spritz                                                   +$25
  • Nail Trim                                                           +$20
  • Teeth Brushing                                                +$15
  • Ear Cleaning                                                    +$10 
  • Paw/Nose Balm                                             +$10

Play Enhancement:

  • Peanut Butter Filled Kong                                    +$5
  • Bully Stick 6" / 12"                                        +$4/$11
  • Salmon Skin                                                          +$5
  • Frozen Yogrrrz                                                    +$10
  • Duck Foot                                                             +$3
  • Cow Ear                                                                +$3
  • Beef Tripe Twist                                                  +$5

Boarding Specific Enhancement:

Add on one or more of these additions to any of our services!

  • Turn Down Service & Story Time - $15 

Book your enhanced stays now!