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How it works

Our Bark Bus shuttle runs 7 days/week picking up your pups right at home! There is one morning pick up time and one night drop off time.

The morning shuttle will be at your house between 7:30 - 9am and between 4-6pm the shuttle will be back for drop off!

All Bark Bus bookings must be completed by 5pm the day before.


*Pick Up & Drop off location is at your home address so long as the pick up is safe for Unleashed On 42 staff and your dog. If it is deemed unsafe, we will contact you and make alternate arrangements. 

You Must Be There On Time!!!

If you are not present for pickup during morning or night drop off, you will still be charged as per your booking. You are welcome to drop your dog off or pick up at the kennel directly.

* Do note, if it is after 6pm our late fee of $15 will apply.

What It's Like On The Shuttle Bus

We have 10 secure dog runs in the bus with rubber matting for optimal grip and safety. The bus is outfitted with plastic over the windows. The bark bus driver is one of our trained Unleashed on 42 employees.

When dropping off your dog or picking them up, please remain at a safe distance from others. Strict COVID measures are in place.


1.  Bring your dog to the bus door on a leash

2.  Wait for the Unleashed on 42 employee to put on one of our leads on your dog

3. Remove your leash

4. If you are sending your dog with additional food, blankets etc. Wait until your dog has been loaded, let the driver know  you have additional items. You will place the items in one of our bins so it can be handled properly.


  • 1 way ticket $ 10
  • 1 round trip $ 15 (save $ 5) 

The Bark Bus

Unleashed on 42 is now offering a shuttle bus service.With a morning pick up, and afternoon drop off at your home in Stratford, we're offering to commute your dog for you!Take that extra bit of stress out of your day, and try out our bark bus shuttle service.

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