Covid policy


All staff are provided with face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to use throughout the working day.


When a customer comes to drop off/pick up there dog, they are to enter the building is through the side entrance closest to the parking lot. You will bring your dog for dropoff and walk through to reception. Once you have settled the checkin, you will exit the building through the front door. Customers are to take home with them any leashes/harnesses that their dog has come on when they leave. Collars can stay on the dog, please make sure they are quick release.


No customer is to go beyond the boxed in area outside reception. Only one customer at a time is permitted in the reception area at a time , clear signage will reinforce this requirement, customers are to wait in their cars until they can see that its there turn.


Hand sanitizer will be available for use before entering the exchange area.If you are feeling unwell or have any cold like symptoms please do not bring your dog to Unleashed on 42. Follow guidelines and self isolate.



All gates that are used by staff/members of the public will be sanitized after each use.



Will not be accepted.



Any dogs that require food throughout there daycare/boarding, then their food is to be provided in a wipeable plastic container, food will not be accepted any other way.



All payments for the use of Unleashed on 42 are to be made either by online payment portal on website, by  e-transfer or the use of chip and pin machine (which is to be wiped down after each use).

This policy will be in effect until further notice and may be amended andsubject to change depending on any guidelines issues by federal or provincial government.