About Us

Unleashed on 42 is a doggy daycare, boarding and canine chiropractor facility. Marie and Brent, the management team, are both avid and long time dog lovers. The logo for Unleashed on 42 is inspired by Marie and Brents' devoted Vizsla Gryph.

Located in Sebringville, Unleashed on 42 offers a rural setting for your dogs to run free, socialize, and live their best dog life.
Unleashed on 42 is in between Kitchener and London, with nearby cities of Stratford, Avonton, Russeldale, Mitchell,
Gads Hill, Milverton, Brunner and more. 

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Marie Fraser

Marie’s love of dogs stems from a lifetime growing up around dogs & horses. Having past experience working in a veterinary clinic, she has a keen interest in canine nutrition and rehabilitation.

As an adult, her current canine companion, Gryph, has led her to delve into whole new realms of the dog world. While training her beloved Viszla, she’s learned more than ever about scent detection, hunting, tracking and obedience.

Whether canine, equine or…goat, Marie always makes sure to put her animals and their needs at the top of her priority list.

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Brent Hulshof

Brent grew up on a farm, surrounded by animals. His family had a particular fondness for yellow labs that Brent cherished.

From raising pigs at 5 years old, to being an avid rider, Brent has animal care-giving built into his genetics. Now with three horses, a goat and Gryph, Brent continues the joy of spending time playing, exercising and training animal behaviour.

Our Staff

Sharly Graham

Head of HR

Emily Cook

General Manager

Hannah Reed

Design & Marketing Coordinator 

Sarah Johns 

Animal Care Specialist 

Jessica Symington

Animal Care Specialist

Laiken Martin

Animal Care Specialist

Jenna Bouw

Animal Care Specialist 

Jacob Heaney

Animal Care Specialist

Amber Blancher 

Animal Care Specialist

Jill Andress

Animal Care Specialist