Unleashed 42's Staff Picks

Our blog this month is all about our staff recommendations! Our staff spend all day with dogs, so they get to see wear and tear and dog's interests first hand. Continue reading for some of their favourite products and training tips--tried and tested with their own pups!



Emily C:

The classic Kong - it’s a great toy to keep dogs busy. Easy to fill with yummy snacks to keep them entertained. Also durable and a classic. I used them ALL the time at humane society and it helped the dogs get over some anxiety and tire them out.




Emily T:

My toy top pick would be our outward hound puzzles! They are amazing for brain stimulation. Just 15 minutes of brain exercise can make your dog more tired than a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood! They are like crossword puzzles or chess for dogs! Just like humans, dogs need both mental and physical exercise! 

Outward Hound also categorizes their puzzles by difficulty (1-4), so you can start out with an easier puzzle for your pup and work your way up as they progress. 



Sarah J:

The Jolly Soccer Ball! I own two and my dog has the most fun with them. I’ve had regular soccer balls in the past and my dog Doug has popped them in seconds. These will not pop. My oldest one looks like an aerated lawn, it has so many holes in it! 



Treats & Food

Emily C:

Pulsar dog food - I have recently switched my dogs to Pulsar and have seen a huge improvement in their skin and coat. When switching over, they would root through their old food to find the Pulsar. This brand also helps the Canadian forestry industry.

To find out more about Pulsar dog food, check out their website.





Emily T:

My treat pick would be any of our hero dog treats! They are a great Canadian brand made with a single ingredient, so you truly know what you're feeding your pet! My dogs favorite are the duck feet and I love them because they are filled with glucosamine and chondroitin making them great for joint health!




Sarah J:

The Dog Hero Bully Sticks are my treat pick. Another favourite of Doug’s, it takes him hours to get through and keeps him busy.




Emily C:

Canada Pooch Arctic Parka - it’s so cosy and warm. My little Boston Terrier loves it for cold weather. It keeps her warm and dry.



Emily T:

My apparel pick is our space dye hoodie by Canada pooch! They come in different colors, are lightweight yet still warm with the fleece lining! They are also fast and easy to put on for excited wiggling dogs!




Sarah J:

I love the reflective jacket! It keeps the mud off of your dog as well as reflects the light at night so cars can see you walking. 



Training Tips

Emily C:

Recall is so important when owning a dog. It can keep them out of dangerous situations and also help us at the kennel when needing to call a certain dog over. 

The most important lesson I have ever learned when working with dogs is patience. Dogs have the brain capacity of a 3-6 year old child and need to be taught things with a calm and positive attitude. Consistency is also key when training your dog and to ensure success. 


Emily T:

Start your training from day one with your furry friend! They are never too young or too old to learn. Making sure to well socialize them to all things - everything from other dogs, different forms of touch (very helpful for vets) different places and sounds. They should also be socialized to different people (people wearing hats and uniforms are big ones) 


Sarah J:

Best training advice I’ve received is socializing your dog with all different types of environments, people and animals throughout its life but especially when it’s a puppy. This will help build confidence in your dog. 


Our staff are knowledgeable and have loads of experience, so please feel free to ask us for advice and recommendations on any of our products.

Thank you Emily C, Emily T and Sarah for answering a few questions for our blog. We really appreciate all the work you do for our pups!

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