No Treats or Toys In The Yard

Why we don't allow toys or treats in the play yard, while the dogs are playing in groups. 

Firstly, the most important thing about dogs not having toys and treats in the group yard is because toys are treats are a very big resource guarding factor for dogs. 

To make sure that all dogs are playing safely and getting along with no disagreements, any toy or treat is taken out completely. 

When dogs are in a group together, some tend to pick things out to resource guard and it can lead to disagreements and even fights if another dog approaches said item being guarded. 

To ensure all of our dogs are safe and getting along, it is just better to avoid having any treat or toy in the yard. 

That being said, we do offer toys and treats inside to dogs in individual kennels where nothing can set them off if they are guarding. It is safer for the other dogs and the individual dog. 


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