Group Colours

At Unleashed On 42 we separate all our dogs into different groups, labeled with a  colour. In each colour group we still enforce the 1-10 ration. One supervisor for every 10 dogs.

We have three different colour sections:

Green - Very friendly, playful and socialized dogs.

Yellow - Older, slower or younger nervous dogs.

Red - Not good with other dogs, too nervous.


Each group helps the dogs stay safe and relaxed, so that Unleashed On 42 can remain an enjoyable space for them. 

The Green group keeps our social dogs busy and entertained, tiring them out for the end of the day, keeping up with their social skills and encouraging good playful behaviour. 


The Yellow group takes it easy, allows our older dogs to get some social time, but also keeping it at a slow pace as to not get them worked up. If a younger nervous dog comes to our facility we want to introduce them lightly, slowly encouraging social behaviour but no over whelming them. 


The Red group is an option for anti-social dogs that prefer to play alone and want their own space. We give them enrichments such as kongs, puzzle feeders and other toys to stimulate their minds and still tire them out for the end of the day. 


At Unleashed On 42 we absolutely ensure and promise the safety of all our dogs.

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